What is Telomerase or TA65?

Telomerase is a repairing enzyme that allows cells to live longer by adding length to telomeres.
What can it do?
  •  Maintains lengths of shortest telomeres
  •  Supports immune system
  •  Supports healthy bone density
  •  Promotes cardiovascular health and hormonal balance
  •  Need for less sleep but without fatigue–getting more done in a day
  •  Improved joint flexibility
  •  Improved skin health appearance
  •  Improved visual acuity
  •  Improved sex drive
  •  Improved LDL cholesterol level
  •  Improved cognitive behavior –  verbal memory
  •  Healthy glucose metabolism*
  •  Appropriate liver health and function*
  •  Healthy hair re-growth*
  •  Normal ongoing cellular repair and rejuvenation*
  •  Healthy bone density*
  •  Healthy blood profiles*
An overall enhanced healthspan (the length of time the organism was free of the signs of the aging process)*
Who should have Telomerase Activator?
  • Anyone who had  a telomere length test and showed short telomeres
  • Anyone who believes their immune system is compromised and can  benefit from its restoration
  • Everyone who is concerned about aging healthy and living longer
Illnesses associated with short telomeres…
  •  Alzheimer's Disease
  • Cancer
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Arthritis
    • Degenerative
    • Rheumatoid