Screening Procedure

Upon arriving at the center, the client:

  1. Rests and cools down while filling up personal information and medical history questionnaire
  2. Goes into screening room and change into a light-weight gown to acclimatize and cool down further
  3. An initial thermographic image is taken to check body temperature
  4. An explanation is given on what to expect and what to do

The test involves taking a number of views with only a couple of seconds for each view. We routinely take an anterior (front) view followed by both lateral (side) views and both oblique (semi-side) views. The whole procedure takes roughly 15 minutes. Other views added for Full Body Screens and other Regions of interest.

After the procedure, thermographer reviews all images before discharging client. Electronically sent images are interpreted by certified medical doctor thermologist in the USA. Results will be ready in 5-7 US working days.